Dr. John R. Bawden is a professor of history at the University of Montevallo, where he teaches courses in World History, Latin American History, and Historical Methods. He writes about Chilean history during the Cold War and U.S.-Latin American relations. A student of the University of California-Riverside, he earned his BA in 2000, MA in 2004, and PhD in History in 2009. He joined the faculty at Montevallo in 2009.

Bawden is the author of Latin American Soldiers: Armed Forces in the Region’s History (Routledge Press, 2019). He is also the author of The Pinochet Generation: The Chilean Military in the Twentieth Century (University of Alabama Press, 2016). Bawden’s articles are available on this website not including a forthcoming publication in The History Teacher.

He is currently working on an article about the reaction of the global press to the overthrow of Salvador Allende’s government in 1973. In terms of teaching, a key focus is the direction of student research and digital presentations. Sample projects, including the student podcasts he has directed – “Reforming Dixie: Stories from Alabama during the 1920s” and “Mistreatments and Miracles: Stories from 1920s Alabama” – can be found on this website.

Bawden is the Michael J. Grainger Professor in Modern History at the University of Montevallo.

When not teaching, John enjoys camping with his wife and daughters, playing music with his family-band, and working on his YouTube channel about baseball history.

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